Artificial Intelligence

This is the second posting I have made talking about the power of video games and technology in teaching.  This is ironic since I don’t play any games but Ms. Pacman and anytime my computer malfunctions I feel like…

Many lessons use technology to generate engagement and WOW.  I am struck by those lessons that use technology to develop understanding of difficult concepts and illustrate news ways of thinking.  Check out these two recent classroom examples.

Yesterday I observed Shauna Mulligan (7th grade ELA at KIPP Lynn) teaching a lesson on point of view.  I have taught this concept dozens of times and had kids  recite phrases like first person point of view uses I and third person omnee-omni-the other third person means you see everything  These parroted definitions belied understanding and should have signaled how fragile their grasp of point of view was.  Shauna chose to meet the kids where they were at and ground the concept in visual examples.  Each type of point of view was accompanied with a specific screenshot image of a video game.  There was an audible snap as the synapses connected in kids’ brains. 

Shooter: First Person POV

SIMS-Third Person Omniscient

Super Mario-Third Person Limited

I got turned onto the Google Wonder Wheel by the amazing blog.  Check out the ninety second screencast at:

Google terrifies me but damn it is an impressive posse of geniuses.  The wonderwheel illustrates the kinds of intuitive leaps that student writers often struggle with while brainstorming.  Nick Vanderwerken of KIPP Lynn planned a lesson using the Wonderwheel to model how a writer might think while brainstorming characters for a short story. He demoed a search with the Wonder Wheel to show kids how the search engine allows you to follow a train of thought to places you never imagined in the initial query.  Then Nick performed a think aloud brainstorm moving from broad categories (male/female, young/old) into more specific characteristics (skater, athlete, artist….).  After this modeling the sixth graders were able to develop a broader set of possible characters and avoid getting stuck on their intial idea.

How are you using technology and the Web to illustrate concepts, ideas, and new ways of thinking?


3 Responses to “Artificial Intelligence”

  1. Laura Lensgraf Says:

    Wow. That is the best way to show point of view. Love it.

  2. Chi Says:

    I love this. What a great sharing of best practices. Keep in coming!!!

  3. mobile column lift Says:

    mobile column lift

    Artificial Intelligence | Mrdolan’s Blog

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