Summer Time Links and Thinking

I love the idea of the vertical slice.  Increasingly I feel like our schools don’t spend enough time talking about or looking at real student work.

Interesting articles about the differences between adult and infant learners.   “Your baby is smarter than you think”

This research from the New Teacher Project is useful to back-up the argument that teachers and schools make all the difference.

The writing is beautiful and  it made me think of the stories our seniors tell at commencement and the stories I tell about the early years of the school.   When you are in deep you are the happiest or as the writer says much more eloquently

I suspect there is something inherently misguided and self-defeating and hopeless about any deliberate campaign to achieve happiness. Perhaps the reason we so often experience happiness only in hindsight, and that chasing it is such a fool’s errand, is that happiness isn’t a goal in itself but is only an aftereffect. It’s the consequence of having lived in the way that we’re supposed to — by which I don’t mean ethically correctly so much as just consciously, fully engaged in the business of living


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