EOY Staff Survey

Dear team,

Part One: This Week

The kids and team have been working exceptionally hard and I was lonely in the cafeteria for much of the morning.  Wandering the building in the afternoon I was struck by loads of joyful learning.  Are we third song worthy? Let me know.

This Friday we will meet to reflect, code tests, and set the stage for the end of the year.  We will meet in the cafeteria.  We do have misadministration and one student who will miss tomorrow.  Our best case scenario for results is late next week but more likely the last week of school.

ì       Continue to push 100% attendance.  While we won’t get results back as soon as we wanted to we do not want any more human resources devoted to make up tests.

ì       Be super vigilant about kids staying in the right sections of the test tomorrow.

ì       Frame activities.  The stress on the kids is immense and common sense can go flying out the window.  Take the extra time to explain what is expected and take nothing for granted.

ì       Anything else?

Part One: The End of the Year

The goals for the EOY tasks and meetings…

ó     Analyze and interpret the results from the past year.  This means giving and receiving feedback on the past year and analyzing results to clearly understand what we did well and what we must do better.

ó     Organize materials (material and intellectual) so they are accessible for yourself and those that follow you.

ó     Clean the school and leave it spotless and stuffed with hope, resources, and ideas for the future

We are releasing early for the last two weeks of school in order to ensure we have adequate time for EOY tasks. This is not intended for early check-out.  I want us to do a stellar job of cleaning up the physical space and reviewing our intellectual work from the past year.  This is more work that in years past; I don’t believe it is busy work.  Taking the time to do all of these tasks well leaves the school in great shape for the coming years and improves our performance and sustainability.

EOY Tasks

  • Hand in materials (phones, laptops, LCDs etc.). Make sure you complete anything else Suzie or Sessoms need.
  • Complete and verify grades for final report cards.
  • Participate in EOY parent meetings.  We will sit down face to face with every parent.
  1. You can also find this link on my blog.


¾      Schedule your one on one with Barford if you are returning.  Schedule your exit interview with Dolan if you are leaving.  Barford or I will be sending you the reflection shortly.

¾     Clean up.  This means clean up your classroom and your grade level’s common space.

  • Walls should be completely clear, including staples out of walls (we release at 1, and this is an easy kid job one day after school or someone who stays back from a trip)
  • All furniture should be moved to the middle of the room
  • Materials need to be sorted and labeled for the next teacher who will use them.  Everything should be in a box marked with its contents.  Discard or store anything you didn’t use this year.
  • Find any broken furniture and either discard or talk to Bill to see if repairable.
  1. The saving protocols are below…
  • If you are in a class with benchmarks then turn in copies of each benchmark to Ms. Barford.
  • Organize files in unit folders.  For example if you teach history: this means every do now, class work, homework and lesson plan connected to world religions should be in your world religions folder.
  • Label individual files with a Subject-Grade-Date and ideally topic.  For example:  Hi DN 3-14-09-World Religions.  This seems laborious but it will save countless time in the years to come.
  • Burn and label a cd with your materials.

¾     turn in all GCP books

¾     turn in keys to room, gym, and building to Mr. Goertemiller.  If you are returning or working at school during the summer please let Bill know which keys you have.

¾     provide summer or forwarding contact info to Mrs. Sessoms

¾     turn in any instructional material to Mrs. Sessoms  stapler, tape dispenser, any supplies remaining that you have)

¾     clean out your mailbox and refrigerator

¾     Analyze your results and prepare to present them or have them presented at the EOY meetings.

  1. Break out test scores and grades by…
  • Gender
  • Race
  • SES
  • Topics
  • Received or did not receive remediation?
  • Correlation to Benchmarks.
  • Any other analysis you wish to perform.
  1. Make certificates for your highest achievers and most improved students for the 4th quarter and the year.
  1. A middle example is helpful as well.

Much love and copious gratitude,



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